We have highlighted several categories of metal finishing products to enable you to easily choose the specific area in which you may have an interest.

Simply click on the product category in order to obtain further information and find out more of what we can provide to overcome your production and quality issues.


Manual Plating Systems
Designed for small to medium volume of components, and products which can be easily handled by an operator.

Automatic Systems - Rack Plating
For medium to large volumes of components, and for components which are large and unable to be barrel-plated. Provides consistently high-specification quality.

Automatic Systems - Barrel Plating
For small to large volumes of small components which can be handled in bulk. Mostly involving zinc plating.

Barrel Plating Products
Involving the supply of an extensive range of barrel plating cylinders in various sizes and materials including spares for existing units.
Plating Ancillary Items
In addition to the supply of complete plants, we also offer a comprehensive range of ancillary items including tanks, heaters, filters, dryers, rectifiers, spares, and many other products.
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