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The complete system from concept to operation involving discussion, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
PE-Limited has a wealth of experience to take you through all of these phases with confidence, providing quality and value for money.

Our manual plants range from single tanks with various materials and linings to complete process lines. We are happy to quote for tanks sized to your individual specification or to prepare an offer based on only having detail of your process specification, product and product requirements.

We also provide very small scale laboratory and test size plants with tanks of a few litres capacity which can be individual or built into complete lines.

Our product range enables us to quote for equipment for all plating process requirements in addition to similar processes such as electroless plating, blacking, phosphating, pickling, anodising, and electrophoretic lacquering.

All of our plants can be provided with heating to suit the specific requirements of your existing process heating, which can be steam, hot water, gas or electricity and including thermostatic and low level cut out in the event of low solution levels.

From our own resources we are able to offer an excellent range of filtration units, drying ovens, rectifiers, portable barrels, air agitation coils and blowers, and mechanical agitation for processes such as silver, gold, tin and satin nickel.

In addition to the supply of the process plant we also supply in-house designed and manufactured fume extraction, and effluent and water treatment equipment.


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