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The PES range of barrel plating products is extensive and includes cylinders with standard sizes of 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, and 42” (300, 450, 610, 760, and 1000 mm). However we can also supply other sizes to suit specific requirements.

The cylinders are all available in polypropylene and high density polyethylene (RCH 1000). The RCH 1000 material has a higher operating temperature and higher barrel loading capabilities.

Cylinders can be perforated with 2mm holes and above, the standard being 3mm. However for very small parts we can offer a range of sieve insets which can have moulded perforations such as 1 x 1 mm and below if necessary.

Together with the cylinders, we also offer complete barrel top frames including motorised and unmotorised systems. The motorised units have low voltage motors, usually 42 or 50 volts 3 phase. The unmotorised units have gear arrangements to suit existing tank mounted motor drives.

A variety of contacts are provided including danglers, end plates, straight through bars, and spoke types. As well as this, a comprehensive range of spare parts are available including bearings, gears, horns and insulation, end hangers, top frames and cylinders, including a repair facility to repair existing used polypropylene cylinders.

The Minik 18/10 self contained barrel unit is also available. This provides a complete unit including process tank, motor drive, barrel cylinder 18” x 10” dia (450 x 300 mm), and a simple pivot carrier to enable the barrel cylinder to be lifted from the process solution for unloading without the use of an overhead hoist.

In addition to barrels and spares, for the drying of small components following processing we also provide a range of stainless steel centrifugal dryers from 20 to 100 kg capacity.


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