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We can provide automatic barrel plating plants with a variety of handling systems including:

  • Tank mounted track systems
  • Floor mounted track systems
  • Cantilever systems

Each plant is designed specifically to suit the clients requirements in all aspects of process and construction.

Plants are available with layouts from simple in-line to two and three line plants, for barrel sizes of:

  • 12” (300mm) wide x 8” (200mm) dia
  • 18” (450mm) wide x 12”(300mm) dia
  • 24” (610mm) wide x 16”(400mm) dia
  • 30” (750mm) wide x 16”(400mm) dia
  • 42” (1000mm) wide x 16” (400mm) dia

PLC systems can be engineered to suit existing in house choices of hardware and software.

Automatic barrel plants can be built for most plating process requirements in addition to similar processes such as electroless plating, blacking and phosphating,

Each plant is designed to suit the existing heating supply and can be supplied with an excellent range of filtration units, drying ovens, rectifiers, air agitation coils and blowers, and mechanical agitation for processes such as silver, gold, tin and satin nickel.

To provide a complete turnkey operation each plant can be supplied with in-house designed and manufactured fume extraction
and effluent and water treatment equipment.


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