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In addition to the supply of complete plants we also supply an extensive range of ancillary products including:

Centrifugal Dryers

All stainless steel with capacities of:

20 Kg, 35 Kg, 50 Kg, 80 Kg, and 150 Kg


Effluent and water treatment plants including total loss and ion exchange.


  • A complete range of filter systems with
    magnetically coupled pumps
  • Filters from 1800 litres per hour to
    50,000 litres per hour
  • Systems for both cartridges and discs
    with papers
  • Range 1 mini 1800 to 3000 litres per
    hour (10”, 20”, 30”
  • Range 2 mix 1800 to 30000 litres per
    hour (3",7",12",15"
  • Range 3 big 14000 to 50,000 litres per
    hour (
    36" cartridges)

Fume Extraction Equipment

To comply with COSHH and other environmental regulations, including chrome demisters and scrubbing units. Systems supplied for existing plants.

PLC Controllers

In addition to the supply of program controls for new plants, we also offer PLC units for the automation of existing plants.


Air cooled units with single phase and three phase
supply, and capacities from 10 amps to 15000 amps.

Units 10 amp to 200 amp and 8 to 20 volts are available with manual handwheel stepless control.

Units from 100 amp and up to25 volts are available with electronic Controls.

All units can be supplied with digital instruments and ampere hour meters.

Ultra-Filter Units

For use with electrophoretic lacquer processes to remove excess water and contamination from the lacquer solution.

This is only a selection of our products. We also supply:

  • Additive dosing systems
  • Ampere hour meters
  • Anode bags
  • Anodising controllers
  • Barrel plating cylinders
  • Barrel plating units complete
  • Barrel plating contacts
  • Barrel spare parts
  • Busbar
  • Dipping baskets
  • Drum pumps
  • Electric immersion heaters
  • Fume extraction equipment
  • Heater controls
  • PLC controllers
  • Plant spares
  • Rods and connections
  • Tanks
  • Tank fittings
  • Thermostatic control
  • Transports
  • Work bars
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